Twitter rollout redesigned web version for all user

Twitter rollout redesigned web version for all user

Twitter rollout redesigned web version for all user

Two days ago, Twitter officially launched its updated interface on the desktop for the web. This UI update comes with easier navigation and faster backend support.

In the desktop interface, the social sharing app has made a little bit change for all users. On the front end, there is an improved layout with a left sidebar, new themes, and a new dark mode. On the back end, everything’s been rebuilt from the ground up to allow Twitter to bring new features to everyone with simplified development.

The whole website is organized with a left-hand sidebar that gives you quick shortcuts to all the important. Twitter sections like Explore, Notifications, Direct Messages, Lists, and more.

The redesigned interface also adds a new dark mode. There also has a number of new themes to personalize your Twitter. Bookmarks on the desktop are now a thing, and the Moments feature is now hidden in the “More” section to make way for the Explore tab with its more localized video content and trends.

Direct Messages are also easier to follow up on, with conversations now having their own dedicated, dual-pane window.

Features like Data Saver can now be activated on any device, and tablet users who connect a keyboard will be able to use keyboard shortcuts.

There’s no edit feature insight, but this is the biggest change to the look and feel of the website in almost seven years, making it much more consistent with the experience found on mobile devices.

Besides these features, there are also several changes in this new updated look of Twitter.

You can get more details regarding this update on the official blogging site.

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