Why Hiring IT Outsourcing Agency From Ukraine Is A Good Bet

Why Hiring IT Outsourcing Agency From Ukraine Is A Good Bet

For a long time, Eastern European countries suffered from the stigma that the development of IT in these countries has lagged behind. In the case of Ukraine, this is demonstrably incorrect. Ukraine has now convincingly entered the top three countries where IT expertise is the highest. 

Ukraine now has more than 100,000 tech workers and this number is growing stronger every year. Around 35,000 IT graduates graduate at university level every year. Ukraine is, therefore, a pronounced growth market for the recruitment & selection and secondment of highly qualified employees for IT projects. Ukraine is now the largest supplier of IT-related talent in Europe and the fourth in the world.

Of these IT workers (about half of whom are developers), a large part work at companies based in Ukraine, but often with strong international operations. 

Around eighty percent of these employees are English-speaking. Moreover, the work ethic of Ukrainian personnel is broadly comparable with the western ones. 

Our experience is that Ukrainian employees are very involved in the projects for which they are responsible and also seek to connect well with their Western colleagues in other respects on a cultural level. 

For many Ukrainians, involvement in an international project means an improvement in status and income, which naturally increases motivation and commitment even further.

Enlisting IT people from Ukraine can be a good solution for US and Europian companies to make IT development cost-effective. Quality improvement here goes hand in hand with cost control. 

The salaries of IT specialists in the Ukraine are relatively high by Ukrainian standards, but still extremely modest in comparison with those of Western colleagues of a comparable level.

Because Ukraine is not part of the EU, the legislation on hiring staff from this country is different from that of countries that do belong to the EU. The main difference is that a work permit must be applied for from Ukraine. Such a permit will always be granted for every IT professional so this is not an issue. 

Many Ukraine-based IT outsourcing companies will arrange this permit. When purchasing services in the field of recruitment and selection, the application for this employment permit is the responsibility of the employer.

If you are looking for IT outsourcing agencies in Ukraine, there are hundreds of excellent agencies based in Ukraine. However, we strongly suggest hiring the services of this Ukraine based IT outsourcing agency. It has highly skilled IT professionals and a good track record.

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